Thursday, July 21, 2011

The "Bless Her Heart" Gardener

Around the first of the year I got riled by an article I read that disparaged the making of "New Year Resolutions". It characterized the making of resolutions as a masochistic exercise in failure guaranteed to produce nothing more than low(er) self esteem.In fact, it spurred me on to fulfilling more of my resolutions for THIS year than probably any year to date.
I had "primed the pump" for one justification of our counter cultural move FROM a wonderful condo back into a big house last fall. While our focus was on remodeling the interior of our new digs, I knew myself well enough to take action's last fall outside to hold myself accountable to resolutions this spring. In November, my friend, Donna helped me dig out a huge patch of lawn taking the first step to putting in my first vegetable gardens in twenty five years.
Good plan. When Spring rolled around with trips to California and weddings and new grandbabies arrivals, had it not been for that indicting patch of raw earth threatening to go to weeds, I'd have procrastinated and rationalized supporting the Farmer's Market instead.
I pored over Mel Bartholomew's "All New Square Foot Gardening" book, purchased recommended, recycled plastic raised bed kits at Costco, and we were off!
I am having so much fun!
I felt such accomplishment when the planting itself was though, 'There, that's done!' DUH!
We've enjoyed salads from our garden for a month and a half as we watch and wait for other things to begin producing....and here it comes!
If blossoms are an indicator, I may have to open my own booth at Holland Farmer's Market...or perhaps a give away table!
Mel Batholomew says he guarantees you will plant your gardens differently NEXT year. I am already looking forward to getting seed catalogs and planning my gardens while the snow swirls outside my windows.
"Bless her heart". I love the south; love the civility and charm....and that sweet, kindly phrase.
The other day I read a delightfully sarcastic article that revealed the translation of "Bless his/her heart" for northerners. The author asserted it's true definition as "idiot".
Bless my heart: I planted Ichebon Eggplant only to later find it described as a "massive producer". Anyone have some good eggplant recipes?
Bless my heart: I didn't even start liking tomatoes as anything other than catsup until about five years ago. The plants are 4' high and covered with blossoms.
Bless my heart: some beetles are even bigger basil lovers than I am.
Bless my heart: I look out my kitchen window and spy cucumbers that seem to materialize hour to hour.
Bless my heart: from four little Mesclun lettuce transplants I have bulging bags of salad greens, far more than two of us can eat.
Resolutions made in the dead of winter, FULFILLED:
freezer full of strawberries and bottles of freezer jam. freezer full of fresh, Michigan asparagus. freezer full of 25# of blueberries from the wonderful farm across the street from our new home.
Summer in Michigan may not last long, but it's fulfilling.